Business today must prosper in the face of global instability. Demographic change, new technology and restricted resources have disrupted the marketplace making it far more complex and competitive. Industrial Design as a discipline is built on a deep understanding of these disruptors and has the ability to proactively steer business to be prosperous and sustainable on a social, economic and environmental level.

With the rising recognition of the value of design comes a greater demand for design practitioners, leaders and founders. AUXILIARY is meeting this need by providing designers additional skills for industry. AUXILIARY programs encourage participants to confidently and positively contribute to society as design students, employees, freelancers or entrepreneurs.

Australia’s new independent design school, AUXILIARY educates and engages emerging designers with industry. Built on a unique experiential learning framework, AUXILIARY is more educational agency than university, more studio than class room and more factory workshop than clean room. Our Industrial Design short programs reflect the profession’s best practice and processes ensuring our graduates are ready for the next step in their design career.


AUXILIARY’s Co-Founders share a background and ongoing practice of Industrial Design, with many years of rigorous experience for prestigious firms and corporate clientele. A multidisciplinary group in the true meaning of the word, their roles include but are not limited to: product, furniture and packaging design, project, studio and manufacturing management; market research, branding and corporate identity; business development and entrepreneurship; UX, UI and interaction design; as well as strategies in IP, innovation and sustainability.

While diverse in roles, experiences, clients, companies and global locations, the AUXILIARY team converge at one key point: a deep respect for the importance of a practical, grounded design education. This mutual drive is based on their years of experience in unit coordination, lecturing and tutoring at several educational institutions in areas such as Industrial Design, new product development, professional practice, CAD, concept visualisation, DfMA, usability and the International and Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme.



After 15 years serving in the consultancy battlefield Neil has shifted campaigns to explore new opportunities in design and business. In 2014, Neil founded, Clandestine Design Group, took over the Design Manager role for Innovan Caravans and Campers and enjoys inspiring and challenging the next generation of product design graduates with AUXILIARY.


A global upbringing and a decade of international industrial design experience has given Leon the ability to work with some of the best design talent and most influential companies in the world. Balancing industry work with education allows him to provide a relevant perspective in both arenas; and AUXILIARY is the ultimate expression of this goal.


With seven years of experience as a practising designer, design educator and design advocate, Carolyn brings to the AUXILIARY team the ability to walk the talk. Her knowledge of managing the design development and manufacture of products stems from employment at multidisciplinary firms and industrial design consultancies.


Bringing a decade of practical design experience Leo works out of his West End warehouse come studio designing, prototyping, producing and commercialising varying creations. He is a Director of Heluva Design Studios and Ellaspede custom motorcycles and throughout his career he has identified a passion for knowledge transfer. Leo thrives on the cultivation of new ideas and connecting designers with public and industry.