Allow us to introduce you to a group of people that we feel represent very best qualities of AUXILIARY and the design industry. This group of 9 designers were brave enough to try, driven enough to commit and dedicated enough to finish the inaugural AUXILIARY X Sunbeam Australia Summer 2014 / 2015 programme.

Angelina Kwan

When I started Industrial design, I finally felt comfortable and confident it was the right path to choose.

David Chapman

I have always loved to problem solve, tinker, tear things apart to examine and learn how they work…

Dylan Sheppard

I’ve always been interested in creating and making, and have had a hands on approach to a lot of aspects of my life.

Eloise King-Smith

I loved art, maths and philosophy as a little girl, but I had no idea whether I could combine them…

Geoffrey Lee

My favourite part of the design process would be ideating solutions to a problem, and bringing that solution to life.

Raymond Dunlop

As a child I played with Lego and Hot Wheels a lot! I think this is what led to my love for design…

Rohan McEvoy

I have always been interested in building and manufacturing but for a long time didn’t know about industrial design…

Selda Ari

In 2011 I felt that I needed to change my career and get into a profession that I would love.

Thomas Costello

Building models and finding product opportunities is what i like most about industrial design…