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AUXILIARY X Eligibility

  1. 18+ years of age.
  2. Our program requires foundational Industrial Design knowledge and skills or professional experience in the creative industries – to be evaluated during our application process. Initially developed for Industrial Design students, graduates and developing designers to experience working on real projects for real clients. Also highly applicable for professional designers keen to sharpen their skills with the latest strategic and tactical practices on a new-to-portfolio product category.
  3. An intake of 8-12 designers. Seats are limited. Applicants will be considered on a first in, first interviewed, first accepted basis.

Note: Do you want to check your eligibility or ask questions? Simply send us a general enquiry.

AUXILIARY X Application Process

Our AUXILIARY X application process involves the following steps:

  1. Submit your details – name, email and phone number.
  2. Our team endeavours to reply to your application within 3 days. We will confirm your submission and discuss any questions you may have.
  3. Once applications close we will contact potential program participants to organise a selection interview. It’s a 10 minute round table meeting and opportunity to share a physical or digital design portfolio.
  4. After interviews we will send preferred candidates a program enrolment pack including:
    – Course curriculum synopsis and dates
    – Enrolment agreement containing terms and conditions and some legal stuff
    – Confidentiality agreement
    – Enrolment fee acceptance form
    – Payment information
  5. We will invite successfully enrolled designers to our AUXILIARY X orientation.

AUXILIARY X Orientation Logistics

  1. Our team will book mandatory facility inductions on your behalf. Participation allows you to operate hand tools, 3D printers and a laser cutter.
  2. We will send you an invitation to attend an orientation event. Get to know your peers and receive program preparatory information:
    – AUXILIARY X welcome pack
    – AUXILIARY X USB project key
    – Project briefs from our Industry Sponsor for you to consider and select
    – Professional practice, management content and structures on which the course will run
    – Communication and presentation templates
    – Research and development resources and references
  3. A week later you will start our next AUXILIARY X program. Enjoy!

Note: AUXILIARY X application process and program is subject to client schedule and resources, the program receiving a viable number of applicants as well as venue and AUXILIARY facilitator availability

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