Explore design as a career path, don’t just fall into it.

Want to know what it takes to be a part of the most dynamic and exciting design discipline on earth? From consumer and commercial electronics, shoes and watches, to tools, furniture, motorcycles and cars – industrial design covers all this and more. AUXILIARY ONE is a new approach to work-based learning. Professional and practising designers will help you understand the design process in a fun and fast-paced studio environment.


Primed and prepared.

Are you a high school student aged 16+ that’s interested in design, technology and innovation? Do you like to draw and build things? Then AUXILIARY ONE is for you. This week long program will give you an opportunity to explore what being an Industrial Designer is really like. Over the course of just one week you will experience the tools and processes of Industrial Design from sketching, model making, and CAD, all the way through to a functional product that you get to take home.

Some of what you’ll learn:

-Analogue sketching
-Design exploration techniques
-Lo-fidelity prototyping
-Computer Aided Design
-Basic presentation skills


1 week. 5 sessions. 4 hours per session. 

Our program purposely aligns with high school holidays. 

12 student intake. 

We set a 4:1 student to educator ratio, assuring your confidence and capabilities have the best chance to fully develop.


Inside and out.

AUXILIARY ONE will get you thinking, drawing and working like an Industrial Designer. Our hands on approach will have you not just designing the aesthetics of a product, but working on it’s functionality and technology too. You will experience 3-D printing and even soldering your own circuit board as part of the design process.