Develop design confidence and capabilities. Be job ready.

AUXILIARY PLUS lets you learn contextual, industry-relevant design skills from experienced practitioners, helping you transition into a confident and capable designer. Balance practical skills with design theory and history, visit local design workplaces, and connect with industry professionals. Develop your portfolio and raise your online design presence. Benefit from our guidance and support in forging your career path.


Design doing.

Learn industrial design the AUXILIARY way with our unique approach to skill building. Informative presentations and live demonstrations, core skill drills and informal pin-up reviews come in place of lectures, tutorials and assessments. Our step-by-step guides accelerate your learning. It’s quick, immersive and exhilarating!


New school.

If you think we’re like a tertiary design institution, think again. We’re the opposite. Let practising designers introduce you to industry standard processes, tools and techniques from both a tactical and practical angle.

Some of what you’ll learn:


– Concept divergence, iteration and convergence
– DfMA or advanced CAD development


– Form, function and aesthetics
– Analogue visualisation techniques
– Materials and manufacturing processes
– Concept sketching techniques
– Parametric modelling
– Lo-fidelity prototyping


Capable and confident

It’s time to design by yourself. Add confidence to your design repertoire by creating new designs and reverse engineering current ones. Put pen to paper and visualise fresh ideas. Shape lo-fidelity models from a range of basic materials and model up ready-made 3D printable designs. Retain a utility belt of techniques to add polish to your portfolio.

Less talk, more action.

You will only go so far if you learn solely from theorists. Deepen your interest and understanding of the profession through exposure to leading design professionals. We coach you through the design process, collectively sharing decades of industry insider hints, tips and shortcuts. We will never ask you to do something we don’t know how to do ourselves.


6 weeks. 2 nights per week. 4 hours per session. 

Our program purposely operates in the evenings with a catered break to suit your study and work schedule.

12 student intake. 

We set a 4:1 student to educator ratio, assuring your confidence and capabilities have the best chance to fully develop.