Experience designing for a real client and join industry.

With AUXILIARY X, we set out to reimagine design education. The result is an educational agency offering a unique experiential learning framework. Learn supplementary, sought-after skills from experienced practitioners and do real design work for a globally influential company. This experience gives you the best platform to launch your career. Get a head start within the industry. Showcase your work to tier one businesses and public, connecting you with prospective employers. Another exciting and real possibility is that your product could be commercialised or you contribute as an intern.

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A breakthrough approach to learning.

The moment you start AUXILIARY X, you know you’ve never learnt design this way before. From day one we treat you as a designer, not a student. We transfer knowledge in new ways. Engage in informative presentations and live demonstrations, practise drills and project collaboration, informal pin-up reviews, client critiques and industry Pecha Kucha pitches. Get ahead quicker with access to a shared data network, research and development reference materials and templates. It’s rigorous and intense, yet fun and engaging!


A syllabus formed with your career in mind.

Innovation isn’t always obvious to the eye, but take a closer look at our syllabus and you’ll find it’s fundamentally an improvement on design education. Be taught design industry standard practice, process, tools and techniques from a theoretical and practical perspective.

Some of what you’ll learn:

Strategic and Tactical

- Market research
- Translating insight to strategy
- Brief development
- Concept divergence, iteration and convergence
- DfMA or advanced CAD development
- Hi-fidelity prototype management
- Quality assurance



- Form, function and aesthetics
- Analogue and digital visualisation techniques
- Materials and manufacturing processing
- Concept sketching to engineering techniques
- Parametric modelling
- Lo-fidelity prototyping
- Design presentation and pitch techniques


Design projects as individual as you are.

Get the best of both worlds. Pilot an individual design project. Yet navigate the design process with input from peers. Monitor project progress and land project milestones with guidance from mentors. AUXILIARY X will take you on a strategic and tactical journey through new product development. Do relevant research to align with our client’s future design direction and respond to market needs. Your deliverable will be a new or next generation final concept product design that matches our client’s category of expertise. It will be to an industry standard and portfolio worthy.

The right amount of guidance. 

If you don’t learn from history you are doomed to repeat it. Be led by us – leading design professionals – and receive feedback from our client’s design and marketing teams. We will pass on our collective knowledge gained through past and present experiences practising in the industry. Manage and mentor you through the product development process as opposed to deliver theory and expect you to independently apply it. Our underlying approach to educating is vastly different to our former roles at universities: coordinating units, lecturing and tutoring.


Exhibit and connect. Enter the industry.

AUXILIARY X doesn’t stop with an amazing course. With a private exhibition opening and public showcase, we offer a powerful platform to launch your career. Pitch to, and connect with, our extensive design, manufacturing and corporate network. Unveil your work or potentially announce it’s under embargo by our client for further commercial development. Celebrate with our client and sponsors, students, family and friends. Then showcase your presentation boards and industry quality rapid prototype to the public. All while continually raising your profile through our and sponsor’s online communication channels.

An industry take on academic learning environments.

Working in context and having the right tools at hand will prepare you to play the part of practising designer. The Edge, State Library of Queensland offers a simulated studio and workshop environment juxtaposed with an exhibition space. Visualise in the Innovation Lab with the use of work stations and computers. Make lo-fidelity prototypes in the Fabrication Lab equipped with hand tools, 3D printers and a laser cutter. Showcase your work at a central and renowned location – the Cultural Precinct – for maximum exposure to the broader design industry and public.

17 weeks. 2 nights per week. 4 hours per session. 

Our program purposely operates in the evenings with a catered break to suit your study and work schedule.

12 student intake. 

We set a 4:1 student to educator ratio, assuring your confidence and capabilities have the best chance to fully develop.