David Chapman

1. How did you get into design?
I have always loved to problem solve, tinker, tear things apart to examine and learn how they work and this desire for constant learning and challenge drove me to choose subjects such as technology studies, graphics and film at school, all with Industrial Design as the end goal. I was very fortunate to gain work experience within industry when I was only in Year 11. This taught me so much about design and I was able to realise the vast scope of the world of design early on in my study. I began university in Grade 12 to get a taste of industrial design at QUT before officially enrolling in 2013.

2. What is your favourite part of the design process?
I really enjoy brainstorming and loose sketching stage, that’s not to say I don’t like the development (because that’s equally as satisfying) however the inception of an idea is often fast and exciting.

3. What’s your go-to source for news or inspiration?
When looking for inspiration its usually a combination of internet sources such as Tumblr, Pinterest, various blogs and Google as well as design books. Often these books are based on past trends and influential designers so the content is very diverse.

4. What are your favourite tools?
One of my favourite tools is a 150mm handplane used for woodworking because I find it so satisfying to use and maintain as well as the beautiful results it brings. Following that would be my laptop as it’s usually involved with the research and development of projects. It is through this that my ideas come to life so I value this tool highly.

5. What’s a problem you’d like to solve, big or small?
I would like to solve a problem that impacts a large majority of people (whatever it may be). I don’t necessarily just want to just solve the problem but I want to help people directly in doing so. I think what makes design special is that we have to power to impact people and make their lives better.

6. In 3 words describe your experience of AUXILIARY.
Unique. Challenging. Incredible.