For: High school students
Duration: 1 week
4 hours per day
Cost: $1500 + GST

Are you a high school student? Check out AUXILIARY ONE. It gives you a taste of what being an Industrial Designer is like. Over the course of 1 short week you will be introduced to all the important elements of Industrial Design from design history all the way through to a mini design project.


For: Designers, creatives & enthusiasts
Duration: 6 weeks
2 nights per week
Cost: $4500 + GST

Are you a student of Industrial Design or an experienced designer from another discipline? AUXILIARY PLUS is for you. It adds to your design knowledge and polishes your skills for a perfect portfolio. Enhance your foundations of sketching, lo-fi prototyping and CAD over the course of 6 immersive and engaging weeks.


For: Industrial Design students & graduates
Duration: 17 weeks
2 nights per week
Cost: $7500 + GST

Are you graduating soon or emerging as a designer? AUXILIARY X will let you shine with a real client, a real project and a real outcome. Learn all the latest tactical, practical and strategic skills as four practicing professionals guide you through a true consultancy experience.