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We are one of the leading industrial design schools in Australia offering an excellent platform where potential industrial designers can learn and connect with clients and get new projects.

Our mission is to help students learn and develop their creative skills!

Industrial & Product Design Courses

At our design school, we offer industrial design courses that will help you unveil the theory and history of creative and sustainable products. Our professionals are skilled and trained to teach you the strategic thinking behind crafting designs that will sustain longer in the global market.

Bachelor of Design (Honours)

With this course, you can become a successful industrial designer with a degree designed for the digital platform that is very relevant in today’s day and age. Whatever you envision, you can design with the help of this course from furniture to android phones.

Master of Design

This particular course is designed for students who want to make career in Industrial and Product Design Field. Develop your skills in 3D printing, design management and interior architecture with a Master of Design Course.

Certificate IV in Design

This course allows you to upgrade your skills in interior design, graphic design, product design and other design related fields. You will discover the historical and contextual fundaments of design.

Diploma of Design

This is the 8 month higher education diploma course which provides an alternative pathway to a bachelor degree. You will learn the skills of creating digital design, interactive and 3D design.

Graduate Certificate of Design

Potential students can upgrade their design practice, existing capabilities and apt skills in this course. It lets you extend the specific skills in areas, such as digital technologies, 3D printing, interaction design and computer-oriented designs.

Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development

Are you passionate about photography, visual arts or animation? If yes, then this course is for you. It will unleash your creativity and help you build a successful career path.

Learn How to Design From Scratch

Auxiliary Design School and Training Centre is Australia’s leading educational institute that focuses on offering exceptional courses for industrial and project designs that will help you advance your skills.

We specialise in teaching basic and advanced industrial design concepts to designers, potential students and creative people across Australia. Our school conducts online classes for students living in cities like Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Townsville, Ipswich, and other parts of the country. Our highly-trained professionals introduce industrial and product design principles to high school students so that they can shape their dream in a better way. This will help potential students to choose the right course and path for their career. We also engage the creative and highly talented community via workshops, social events and mater classes. To know more about our programs and courses, feel free to contact us and enrol yourself in our online classes due to COVID-19 situation. You can study at your own pace and comfort at home and learn the design skills that you need. Our company focuses on advancing your basic knowledge and understanding the world of design. We offer a friendly learning environment where you can explore everything about our courses. You can directly talk to our teachers who are highly professional and fully trained. We can help you choose the right career path by polishing their design skills through our courses. Our experts teach the strategic thinking behind developing innovative designs that will unique in this competitive market. For more details about industrial design courses, call us and talk to our customer care representatives. At Aux Design Schools, we aim at developing your design skills so that you can get the dream job easily.

Our fully-featured institute has a team of highly-dedicated and experienced faculty members who have worked as project managers, team leaders, mechanical engineers in top-notch companies. They have theoretical as well as practical experience in their field. Whether you have a doubt in control systems electronics or programming language, call our institute and polish your skills. We also offer career-oriented industrial design courses to help you learn everything about manufacturing, materials and processes. If you are interested in developing your skills or want to build a career in industrial design industry, call us and enrol your name today. You can also call us for more details.

Our Holistic Approach for Dedicated Students

We are renowned for providing the best industrial design courses in Australia- all thanks to our innovative teaching approach and enthusiastic team. Our mandate is to boost design education, develop the commercial value of product and industrial design and create better job opportunities for talented designers in the industry. We are here to help you learn about design psychology, detail designing, consumer knowledge, sustainable approach and applied research to help you create a successful career as a unique industrial designer. We programs will help you:
The study experience with our school will help you reach an advanced level of design knowledge and skills, which could be the foundation stone of a great professional career. The course Aux Design School offers has great demand in various fields. You must learn tactical thinking behind making designs, which will you to stay ahead in this competitive market.

Leverage the benefit from our networks and relationships with the industrial design industry
Polish your creative skills
Gain pro design and research skills because they relate to emerging technologies, and design practices
Achieving practical experience by working on real projects
Create a successful career in the education industry, such as PhD, etc.
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    Start Learning

    Industrial designers in Australia use their engineering, digital as well as artistic skills to develop concepts and products depending on their client’s requirements.

  2. 2

    Work Flexibility

    A professionally-trained industrial designer can work on different range of products, such as home appliances, mobile devices, furniture, automobiles, and much more.

  3. 3

    Skills & Potential

    You will learn about practical design skills, basic and advanced drawing, theory, technology, and business. Patience and persistence will keep you going and achieve the set milestone.

  4. 4

    Purpose of Workshops

    We organise social events and workshops so that students can learn from teachers who are practising professionals with strong connection to the industry.

Reviews From Our Students

Have a look at our testimonials and know more about our courses, educational structure and why we are the best school for industrial design in Australia.

Levi Martin

I am from Sydney, NSW and I found this school a great educational institute for industrial and product designs. I really liked the learning patterns and in-house teachers. My personal experience of Auxiliary Design School and Training Centre is amazing as they make me feel as a novice. Thanks for polishing my creative skills.

Ariana Kelly

The best thing about Auxiliary Design School & Training Centre is that the staff emphasis more on practical knowledge and use best methods to outshine your talent before you steps into the real industry which is more competitive and challenging. They offer the best career options in the world of industrial and product design industry.

Lincoln Campbell

The Industrial Design Course at this school has provided me a very strong foundation, which helped me in finding the dream job in the competitive industry. By teaching advanced and practical lessons, they developed my creative designing skills. Thank you the entire faculty for guiding and supporting students like us.

Clara White

The advanced diploma in Industrial Design is a 8-month course, which can help you polish the basic designing skills. I want to thank the entire staff and friendly teachers for conducting online classes during the COVID-19 pandemic. The course covers advanced design concepts, illustrations and history of design.

Our Programs

Auxiliary One Program

If you are a high school student and want to become an industrial designer, then this program is great for you. It helps you understand the basics of industrial designs and product conceptualisation with ease. It is a 1 week program and ideal for high-school students.

Auxiliary Design Plus

Are you a student of Industrial Design or an experienced designer from other field? Auxiliary Plus Program is perfect for you. It helps you explore design knowledge and develops your skills for an ideal portfolio. This is 6 weeks program, that will help you make a successful career.

Auxiliary Design X Program

If you are graduating or want to become a designer, enrol your name in this program. It will allow you to grow with a real client. Learn all the advanced and strategic skills and practise in real world.

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