AUXILIARY is an award-winning educational agency. 

We connect young industrial designers with real clients and manage them on real projects resulting in real commercial outcomes. We teach industrial design foundations to designers, enthusiasts and creatives from all disciplines. We introduce industrial design principles to high school students so that they are better informed to choose their course of study. We engage the creative community at large with design workshops, masterclasses and social events.

Our mandate is to holistically improve design education, uplift the perception and commercial value of industrial design, and bridge the gap between education and industry. 




We offer immersive, exciting and fast-paced skill building Industrial Design programs. Read more below to find out which one is right for you. 


For: High school students
Duration: 1 week
4 hours per day

Are you a high school student? Check out AUXILIARY ONE. It gives you a taste of what being an Industrial Designer is like. Over the course of 1 short week you will be introduced to all the important elements of Industrial Design from design history all the way through to a mini design project.


For: Designers, creatives & enthusiasts
Duration: 6 weeks
2 nights per week

Are you a student of Industrial Design or an experienced designer from another discipline? AUXILIARY PLUS is for you. It adds to your design knowledge and polishes your skills for a perfect portfolio. Enhance your foundations of sketching, lo-fi prototyping and CAD over the course of 6 immersive and engaging weeks.


For: Industrial Design students & graduates
Duration: 17 weeks
2 nights per week

Are you graduating soon or emerging as a designer? AUXILIARY X will let you shine with a real client, a real project and a real outcome. Learn all the latest tactical, practical and strategic skills as four practicing professionals guide you through a true consultancy experience. 



After 15 years serving in the consultancy battlefield Neil has shifted campaigns to explore new opportunities in design and business. In 2014, Neil founded Clandestine Design Group, took over the Design Manager role for Innovan Caravans and Campers, and enjoys inspiring and challenging the next generation of product design graduates with AUXILIARY. 


A global upbringing and over a decade of international industrial design experience has given Leon the ability to work with some of the best design talent and most influential companies in the world. Balancing consulting work with education allows him to provide a relevant perspective in both arenas; and AUXILIARY is the ultimate expression of this goal.


A familiar face in Australia’s design industry, Carolyn holds a decennium of experience as a Manager, Advocate, Educator, and Industrial Designer across corporate, government, GLAM, and higher education sectors. She recognises design makes for better living, and aspires to elevate this message through realising opportunities to engage stakeholders with design talent and solutions.



Bringing a decade of practical design experience Leo works out of his West End warehouse come studio designing, prototyping, producing and commercialising varying creations. He is a Director of Heluva Design Studios and Ellaspede custom motorcycles and throughout his career he has identified a passion for knowledge transfer. Leo thrives on the cultivation of new ideas and connecting designers with public and industry.



Peter Cooper
Head of Design
Sunbeam Australia

Turbocharging design education!

AUXILIARY are offering an exceptional opportunity for young industrial designers seeking to work in product design. The intensive format with commercial projects, client contact, and the close support of highly-experienced, practising designers is an excellent opportunity to hone skills toward a professional level.

One of the things I liked the most about the program was the holistic approach taken. During the project I saw core skills such as ideation and problem solving balanced with equally-critical, but less-obvious skills such as time management and communication.

I’m not aware of any other program for product designers in Australia offering this level of engagement, and am very happy to offer my recommendation.

Chris Elliott
Head of Asia-Pac Marketing Strategy & Innovation
Sunbeam Australia

Sunbeam joined with AUXILIARY to contribute to the next generation of Australian industrial designers.  It was a rewarding experience to be immersed in the program and contribute to the student’s projects and capabilities.  

I made the observation at the students’ final presentation that ‘design’ was just one of the skills they had learned; each had developed valuable research, marketing, engineering and project management capabilities as a consequence of the program.  A successful example of educators, industry and students investing in a collective future.