Our Highly-Trained and Experienced Faculty

The energetic, friendly and multidisciplinary team of faculty members at Auxiliary Design School & Training Centre consists of experienced industrial designers. Their areas of expertise may vary from product design, visual communication, user experience design, interior design to graphic design, but can discover and polish your design skills and prepare you for the fast-paced design industry in Australia. Let’s have a look at our faculty members:

Theodore Ryan

After 10 years serving in the manufacturing industry, Theodore has decided to explore the new opportunities in the industrial design and business sector. The concept behind this design school is to encourage creative artists, young students and individuals who love creating designs. They can make a successful career in this world by sketching designs for a variety of products, such as furniture, mobile devices, electronics, and much more. He has been with us and doing a great job in maintaining the discipline of the school and sorting out potential hurdles with perfection.

Industrial Design Expert
Freya Walker

Freya has been in the international industrial design industry for the last 7 years. She has a great experience in teaching basic as well as advanced design skills to the young students. She has the potential to work with world-class design talent and influential companies and that’s why we hired her. With her experience and practical knowledge, we can help students understand the real challenges that may have to face in the coming future. Her techniques, creativity and educational speeches are enough to say that she is the asset of Auxiliary Design School & Training Centre.

George Davidson

Trained with industrial design skills from Australia’s renowned university, George holds a huge experience in industrial and product design industry. He has special skills to motivate students and can help them develop skills for unique designs. His passion for brining innovation in the design industry has helped many students in getting the desired job. Whether it is about designing a new electronic piece or furniture, George never fails to impress his students with quality education and unique teaching skills.

Senior Professor
Elena Anderson

Elena is born and brought up in Sydney, NSW and did the masters in industrial design from a leading university. She has been working with us since our inception, and helped many students in boosting their design skills. Her teaching methods are quite different from others. She aims at developing the technical knowledge as well as creative skills of each student so that they can design and manufacture a variety of products with ease. The curriculum consists of design, drawing skills, theory and history of industrial design, and she covers everything to help you make a successful career.

Product Design Professor
Henry Campbell

Henry has been teaching in our design school for 6 years. He holds a great experience as a Product Designer in various non-government companies. Creating unique and customised designs is his expertise. The style of teaching even the difficult topics is very unique and students love him. He also takes online classes for students who want to build career in industrial and product design industry. Most of his classes are packed with practical knowledge, design skills and product conceptualisation, which helped many students as well in their real world. He is also known for his unique interaction design, graphic design and packaging design skills. You can also join his classes if you want to become a good product designer.

Assistant Professor

Alexis understands that product design and industrial design in a creative and complicated process. That’s why she focuses on developing the practical knowledge and design skills of students who are weak in sketching or creating blueprints. She has been teaching in our design school for 2 years and doing a pretty good job. Her sessions will allow students to understand the ergonomics, usability and visual appearance of products and therefore they can work upon improving the function, design and marketing designs.

Student Support
Our support solutions and networks will help you build connections with the leading industries in the design and technology sector. We support during every step of your career journey when you are with us.
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