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1 Dec

The demand for professional industrial designers has been increasing in Australia. According to a latest survey, the number of industrial designers in the country is expected to grow in 2023.   There is a neck-to-neck competition, and therefore it becomes essential to master the sketching skills. If you have good sketching skills, you can easily …

20 Jul

Discover the exciting world of industrial design in Brisbane! Whether you’re a recent school graduate or a working professional seeking to enhance your creative skills, exploring industrial design courses in Brisbane opens doors to a dynamic and rewarding career. From hands-on workshops to comprehensive degree programs, Brisbane offers a diverse range of opportunities for aspiring …

22 Dec

Are you looking to create a unique and innovative product for your consumers to help you stand out from the competition? Then you need to outsource industrial designers for your business as these experts are well-trained in creating unique and highly efficient products. This will help you improve your product line and help you create …

22 Dec

Did you know that the size of the industrial design market in Australia is $363 million? Industrial design is a vast field that can help businesses and industries prosper by creating functional and user-friendly products. You can sit with the business team and identify potential product problems as an industrial designer. You can then create …

22 Dec

Did you know that there are over 3,400 employed industrial designers in Australia? These numbers show how popular this field is today and why you should consider a career in industrial design. Industrial designers visualise and create concepts for products and businesses by combining art and engineering. These designers create a variety of useful products …

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