Who We are

Auxiliary Design School & Training Centre is a renowned educational agency situated in the heart of Sydney, offering high-quality industrial design and product design courses to potential students and enthusiasts. We train and connect youngsters with real clients and help them work on real projects for better understanding. From basic design to advanced diplomas and masters degree, we offer a range of industrial and product design courses at the best price. Our agency also offer online courses for high school and experienced students living in other states and regions, including Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Adelaide, Newcastle, Canberra, Ipswich, Perth, etc. We also engage the designer’s community through our workshops and social events to keep them stay connected with the industry.

Our sole objective is to improve the design education and boost the perception and industrial value of this particular course. We are here to bridge the gap between industrial design and competitive world.

You will learn via project-based design rooms and technical learning studios, because the degree takes a hands-on approach to teaching that utilises cutting-edge technologies such as 3D Printing, etc. We will help you get a well-rounded degree so that you can start your career equipped with the great skills and practical knowledge you need. For more details about our courses, give us a call or visit our school.


Providing a Pathway to Professional Accreditation

Our industrial design and product design courses have the potential to provide you a pathway to accreditation in the competitive industry. Building a successful career in design and technology industry becomes easy with our in-depth practical knowledge and training sessions. With us, you will explore the future of design practice and see how it connects with cutting-edge technology in a rapidly changing industry. Our teachers not only teach the basics of design practices but also help you know the importance creativity, customisation and market demand. All these factors play a vital role in helping you become the best industrial as well as product designer in the market. We will help you choose the right career path when you are in high school via our workshops and social events.

Reviews From Our Students

Have a look at our testimonials and know more about our courses, educational structure and why we are the best school for industrial design in Australia.

Levi Martin

I am from Sydney, NSW and I found this school a great educational institute for industrial and product designs. I really liked the learning patterns and in-house teachers. My personal experience of Auxiliary Design School and Training Centre is amazing as they make me feel as a novice. Thanks for polishing my creative skills.

Ariana Kelly

The best thing about Auxiliary Design School & Training Centre is that the staff emphasis more on practical knowledge and use best methods to outshine your talent before you steps into the real industry which is more competitive and challenging. They offer the best career options in the world of industrial and product design industry.

Lincoln Campbell

The Industrial Design Course at this school has provided me a very strong foundation, which helped me in finding the dream job in the competitive industry. By teaching advanced and practical lessons, they developed my creative designing skills. Thank you the entire faculty for guiding and supporting students like us.

Clara White

The advanced diploma in Industrial Design is a 8-month course, which can help you polish the basic designing skills. I want to thank the entire staff and friendly teachers for conducting online classes during the COVID-19 pandemic. The course covers advanced design concepts, illustrations and history of design.

Student Support
Our support solutions and networks will help you build connections with the leading industries in the design and technology sector. We support during every step of your career journey when you are with us.
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