What Are The Pros And Cons Of Industrial Design?

Did you know that the size of the industrial design market in Australia is

$363 million? Industrial design is a vast field that can help businesses and industries prosper by creating functional and user-friendly products. You can sit with the business team and identify potential product problems as an industrial designer. You can then create prototypes of products and test them before they are listed on the market to see if they will be useful.


These products have design rights and patents and are customised to make consumers’ lives more comfortable and efficient. These designs can also add a new identity and market name to a brand by using technology in innovative ways. If you are wondering whether to hire industrial designers to help your business, take a look at the below pros and cons:


Advantages Of Industrial Design


  1. Increased Efficiency


In today’s day and age, businesses are facing a lot of competition and thus need to create products that stand out and are efficient. One way to do this is by using industrial designers who will help them identify potential problems in the manufacturing process and help design more efficient standardised models. The best part is that the departments work together to approve and review these designs so that each factor can be looked at to create more functional products that meet the customer’s needs.


  1. Improved Aesthetics


Due to technological advancements, industrial designers can now create mass products that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. This is very important in this competitive world where businesses can stand out with products that look good and thus appeal to more consumers.


  1. More Innovation


Industrial designers can help businesses create products that solve their problems and meet their needs. These designers work with different departments to convert a unique idea into a commercially successful good. These designers can develop creative ideas to help your business innovate and increase sales and revenue.


Cons Of Industrial Design


  • Since industrial designs are standardised and mass-produced, businesses might face restrictions and have to conform to existing norms.
  • This can be a big disadvantage for industries that make custom-made and personalised products as they will need to be able to make separate and unique products for each user.
  • Industrial design can become time-consuming and expensive when multiple products and models have to be created.
  • Lastly, to ensure that an industrial product will not be dangerous to users, a lot of research must be done before creating an industrial design, thus hindering the manufacturing process.



The pros and cons of industrial design depend on what your business needs and what is the right fit for your products. If you need more mass-produced and standardised products that are functional, aesthetic and user-friendly, then the industrial design will be the right fit. However, this model will not suit you if you are a smaller business that creates personalised products for different users.




As mentioned above, there are many pros and cons to industrial design, and it is up to you to see if it matches your business. When picking an industrial designer, make sure you opt for a qualified professional who has done an industrial design course in Australia.


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