What Job Opportunities Are There For Industrial Designers?

Did you know that there are over 3,400 employed industrial designers in Australia? These numbers show how popular this field is today and why you should consider a career in industrial design. Industrial designers visualise and create concepts for products and businesses by combining art and engineering. These designers create a variety of useful products that we use every day, like automobiles, electronics, toys and home appliances. To know more about this field and to see what job opportunities are there in this industry, you should read below.


What Work Do Industrial Designers Do?


Industrial designers work with businesses to create products that consumers would find useful. These designers test and create various models of products and create a design that would appeal to various consumers. Generally, an industrial designer will pick one field to specialise in, such as medical equipment or automobiles, housewares, interior designs, electronic products, etc.


How Do They Create Designs?


Industrial designers collaborate with engineers, architects, marketing specialists and production experts to create designs that appeal to consumers. These designers use computer software to create and test designs as they can easily make changes and look at other test models. Some computer software can also instruct machines on how to build the products for these test designs.


Job Opportunities For Industrial Designers


If you have done an industrial designing course and want to start your career in this field now, here are some job opportunities that are waiting for you:


  1. Production Designers


As a production designer, you will create designs and concepts for the film and television industry. With an average salary of $33,407 annually, you will help select and create background, props, and the scene looks to match a particular period. You will work with producers and directors to create product designs that align with their film or show’s needs.


  1. Colour Specialists


As a colour specialist, you can create colour palettes for home decor and earn an average salary of $44,375 per year. You can also work with interior designers to help choose the right colour settings for your customer’s homes.


  1. Web Designer


A web designer is highly relevant in today’s day and age, where most consumers and businesses operate online. As a web designer, you will create a website’s visual concept design and navigation tools with an average salary of $48,839 per year. You will get to use your design and technical skills to create user-friendly and easy-to-navigate website designs that appeal to the masses.


  1. Computer-Aided Designer


As a computer-aided designer (CAD), you will create 2D and 3D designs and prototypes for buildings and machines. With a high salary of $55,493 per year, you will work closely with civil engineers and architects to create design concepts for their projects.




Industrial designing is a fast-growing field with many career opportunities that will help you expand your horizons. You can learn a lot of good concepts and design ideas with this course and create useful and relevant products for the average consumer.


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